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  • When will I receive my photos and how many will I get?
    ​It normally takes me no longer than 4-6 weeks to edit and deliver your wedding day photos. I take a lot of photos (I'm trigger-happy!!) and I deliver 50 edited and ready-to-print photos for each hour of shooting. You will receive both a USB stick and access to a private online gallery where you can easily print and share your precious memories.
  • ​I don't know how to pose, and I don't really like getting my photograph taken."
    Don't worry, most people don’t know how to pose…leaving aside self-proclaimed Instagram models, of course :) But don’t think of the photos as being ‘posed’. In fact, the majority of the photos I take are candid, or with only slight suggestions from me. I will follow you throughout your special day, and simply take photos while you prepare, promise, and then celebrate. It’s a more natural style and leads to some truly stunning photographs - have a look at my gallery to see some examples of the beautiful wedding day photos I’ve captured simply by letting events unfold. And when it comes time for the “couple’s session”, you’ll be thinking much more about the amazing new chapter in your life than a few suggestions from a professional wedding photographer. Love will shine through in the photos, I just have to be there to capture the magic ;)
  • Can we meet before photo shooting?
    Yes! I love to meet before the big day, so I can get an idea of what YOU want, as well as your style and aesthetic as a couple.
  • What are your prices?
    I typically offer three different ‘packages' depending on how long you would like to have a photographer on your wedding day. But hey, I’m flexible; if you want a custom arrangement, I am more than happy to work with you to make sure that your wedding day is beautifully preserved, for generations to come.
  • What should you ask your wedding photographer?
    Anything, don't be shy!
  • Do I really need a wedding photographer?
    It’s a personal choice, however relying on your guests to take your photos is a bit risky…. On the quality is not as good, two they are not photographers so how will they know how to find the right angle and light, three it's actually quite hard work photographing a wedding day, maybe your guest will be better off relaxing and enjoying themselves. Four, all the photos will look different so many peoples different style / type of cameras, nothing will have the same look to it and might end up looking very random.
  • What is your primary style? Do You follow any style Of Wedding Photography or do you adapt?
    I try to keep the day fun and relaxed, I want it to be all about you and your loved ones. For your memories to be bright and full of laughter, hopefully, my photos will reflect that. I don’t really follow the trends too much since I prefer your photos to be more timeless. It’s not a project to make my Instagram's feed look good, it’s your wedding day, I much prefer to have a happy bride and groom with memories to keep for a lifetime.
  • How many weddings have you shot, and have you shot ones similar to mine?"
    I have shot weddings since 2016, every summer I shoot around 15- 20 weddings… No wedding is the same, that's the beauty of it! =)
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?
    I have canon 5 D cameras, I shoot with two cameras at the same time, for back up purposes. I got several lenses, zoom, wide, prime lenses...
  • Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?"
    Of course, I stay! I wouldn't want to miss the party!! =) Normally there is a fee if there is several hours over the time, but if it's just a dance or so I don't mind...
  • What attire will the photographer wear?
    I normally go black... I like to blend into the background as much as possible but at the same time look smart since it is a nice event I am attending.


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